• Timothy Crosby

R&B/Pop Soulstress Nyasia Chane'l launches Podcast named "The Journey Podcast"

Nyasia Chane'l's new podcast "The Journey Podcast" was released on May 20th, featuring her Mike Boogie as her co-host, "The Journey Podcast "A place for inspiring people to inspire others to achieve greatness"

The brainchild of Nyasia “Chane’l” Harris created as a vehicle to communicate to her growing fans and supporters and to use uplifting commentary and discourse to inspire people to live out their dreams, and fight for their goals. the Podcast will have insightful and informative discussions featuring entrepreneurs, innovators, and other creatives who are on their various journeys to make a positive contribution to society.

in addition, The Journey Podcast is a platform for select independent artists and musicians to showcase their talents.

This episode features comedian and radio personality Mezzy as she talks about her journey making it as both a successful pop radio host and comedian. With underground rapper Lil Dev as the featured rapper in "Boogie's Booth"

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