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Nyasia Chane'l releases video & remastered version of her social justice anthem "Can't Stop Us."

New York based Soulstress Nyasia Chane'l surprised her fans with a remastered version an accompanying music video for her buzz record "Can't Stop Us." Originally released in 2020 Nyasia made a splash with her reggae infused remake of the classic "Can't Stop Us Now" record by George Nooks (Powered by the "Dr. Darling Riddim" released in 2004) . The song garnered tremendous local and international attention, as Nyasia spoke about the injustices that plagues our society when in comes to matters of race. When discussing the crafting of "Can't Stop Us," Nyasia says; "I sat back and watched people risk arrest, risk COVID-19 to protest and fight against white supremacy and police brutality", Nyasia reflects, "I need to create a record that would express my emotions and also help to inspire others to get more involved." "Can't Stop Us" reflects the times and also serves as a rallying cry for people of all stripes and colors to get involved and bring positive and sustainable change to the United States. www.NyasiaChanelMusic.com Instagram: @Nyasia_Chanel_ Twitter: @Nyasia_Chanel_ Facebook: @ItsNyasiaChanel TikTok: @NyasiaChanel