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#NewMusic: "Right Now" by Treesil P Feat. PeeDaProfit (Official Video)

A native of the West African nation of Ghana, meet hip-hop artist Treesil P. Treesil is a talented singer, songwriter and rapper who is currently taking the New York independent music scene. y storm.

Treesil's cultural heritage brings an insightful and unique perspective and approach to his craft. With what he coined "techno-soul-rap", Tressil combines traditional American Hip-Hop, rhythm and blues, and rock with afrobeat stylings, that births a sound that is at once engaging and hypnotic, crossing both geographic and demographic borders.

In 2017 Treesil released his debut single “Vibe it Up” which was well received by deejays and industry insiders alike. Treesil followed that up with “Higher” a song that pays homage to the hustlers and “go-getters” of New York. The success of his first two offerings lead him to form relationships with key members of the music industry.

In early 2018 Treesil linked with Grammy nominated producer Omen and fellow rapper PeeDaProfit and collaborated on his latest single “Right Now”, which has been well received garnering airplay on numerous radio outlets both mainstream and independent, as well as numerous interviews on local and internet radio and television shows. Treesil has also performed his singles at venues across the east coast.

As an artist, Treesil fuses a multitude of genres creating a rich and diverse sound. Elements of pop, rock, soul and hip-hop are evident in Treesil’s Catalog. Africa is a rich and diverse continent the birth place of civilization itself and Treesil feels that his music should reflect this and promote unity and inclusion among all cultures, setting a positive example to young people across the globe.

Twitter: @Treesil

Instagram: @Treesil

"RIght Now"

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