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#NewMusic: "Lost For The Night" by G-Wreck (Feat. Swagg Luciano)

Hailing from the city of Newark, New Jersey, comes G‐Wreck who is undoubtedly one of the most dynamic and versatile artists of our time. Today the music industry has become wide open and undefinable. No longer are artists confined to one box. What was once in the sound of the streets, the art of hip‐hop has now become the sound of popular music. Just turn on any radio station or stream any "Pop" station or playlist and you will notice that the rapper and the singer are pretty much interchangeable. G‐Wreck is the embodiment of this new phenomena and makes the timing of his arrival impeccable.

G-Wreck’s musical influences include Bruno Mars, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Michael Jackson and Prince. By combining all the elements of the modern‐day pop star, G-Wreck’s music contains infectious choruses, superb melodies and timeless lyrics, all combined with a street edge and urban appeal.

In 2017 G-Wreck signed with 100 Keys Entertainment; an independent entertainment company and in October of the same year G-Wreck appeared on the compilation EP entitled “Before The Fame”. G-Wreck provided the chorus for the EP’s first two lead singles. With the release of “100 Keys” and “Nightmare” G-Wreck and 100 Keys began to quickly make an impact on the music industry, garnering featured postings on music news sites, blogs as well as garnering airplay on several major radio outlets including both New York juggernauts Power 105.1 and Hot 97.

G-Wreck distinctive style and delivery made him a stand out star of the “Before The Fame” project and now with the wind at his back, G‐Wreck is ready to showcase his talents with the release of his debut project. And if “Lost For The Night” is any indication his upcoming EP will be a classic offering.

"Lost For The Night" is an up-tempo Caribbean pop influenced song that features fellow New Jersey artist Swag Luciano and will certainly be a smash hit. In early January, the single was serviced to blog, music websites industry insiders and tastemakers alike. in addition, the social media response has been overwhelming with fans clamoring for its digital release.

“Lost For The Night” was made available across all digital streaming services including Spotify, Tidal and Apple Music on January 16, 2018. This is only the beginning for G-Wreck, one step toward what will be a fruitful musical career.

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