• J-Didda

#NewMusic: Cam'ron "Dinner Time" (Ma$e Diss)

The Diplomat CEO Cam'ron aka Killa Cam responds to Ma$e's diss record "Oracle". Ma$e released his record aiming at Cam in response to Cam'ron's "killa" record. Ma$e told Complex magazine that he was attempting to enjoy his Thanksgiving holiday but was compelled to respond and could not wait!!

Subsequently Cam'ron posted several subliminal and direct attacks on his Instagram and declared he was ready to go to war with his former friend and collaborator.

With the release of "Dinner Time" Cam'ron responds in kind to Ma$e's personal jabs with attacks on Ma$e on questionable history and apparent hypocritical flirtation with a career as a pastor.

Whatever the outcome Ma$e and Cam'ron provided a great deal of entertainment and debate during this holiday season.

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