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Spate Media Launches New Mobile App for their Urban Radio Platform

Spate Media continues to expand its digital imprint with the launching of new technologically savvy mobile application.

Founded by Antoine King, Spate Media is a small family owned media holding company that provides digital marketing and brand management services. Spate Media’s subsidiaries Spate Magazine, Spate Publishing & Spate Radio has provided interesting and engaging content since its founding in 2006.

With in-depth interviews with superstars such as Nicki Minaj and 50-Cent and underground mainstays like Sha Stimuli and Rav P. Though small Spate is well respected and sought after within the industry.

Spate Magazine and Spate Radio bridges the gap between mainstream and independent entertainment while providing guidance to brands and artist alike as they navigate themselves within the ever-changing digital space.

Spate Radio was launched in 2006 and quickly became one of the most popular hip hop podcasts. Spate Radio has expanded in 2015 to a 24/7 radio station. The Spate brand reaches over 600k music fans worldwide via its Radio Show, Podcast or the station itself.

In late 2017 The “soft” launch of the Spate Radio App has been well received by Spate fans and subscribers. Currently since the Spate Radio App's October release, the Spate Radio App has been downloaded at an impressive rate by thousands of consumers. What separates Spate Radio’s app from many of the other radio apps is the user gets exclusive content like celebrity listening sessions, interviews, uncensored music, general hip hop news, pop culture news and much more. "We wanted to expand the Spate Radio brand while bringing the new app technology to our new listeners, we also want to bring more exclusive celebrity content to our app very soon" - Antoine King. (Spate Media Founder/CEO)

The Spate Radio App displays Spate Media’s leadership in independent meida and will allow Spate Media to expand its subscriber base and offer advertisers greater exposure over a vast integrated market. The app is available on GooglePlay, The AppleStore and Blackberry's Mobile Store.

About Spate Media Spate Media is They are also expanding into film, record label and artist management. Website: http://www.spatehiphopnews.com Contact: Antoine@SpateMag.com

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