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Jeb Bush & Hillary Clinton benefit from "gray area" in lobbying laws

The "Insiders" are trying hard to pick the next President of the United States. A new article by the news site Politico uncovers the relationship of of "campaign bundlers" and lobbying firms which influence legislation on both the state and federal level. Politico examined a list of campaign records that were shared with the media voluntarily by the Bush and Clinton campaigns.

A quarter of Clinton supporters who bundled $100,000 or more are in the employ of several lobbying firms or public affairs agencies. What raises questions is that these "lobbyists" are not registered to lobby Congress. Jeb Bush only has 58 of the 342 people who raised at least $17,600 are advocates and operatives linked to the influence industry, although they aren’t reported as federal lobbyists.

This is the political climate that has been brought to us by the Supreme Court with decisions such as Buckley v. Valeo and Citizens United v. FEC. These decision's limits the government's ability to limit private donations and have turned lobbying into bribery.

Both Clinton and Bush represent the choice of the "establishment" that favor corporate influence over public governance. However despite Jeb Bush's war chest he is not gaining any traction in the republican party and Senator Marco Rubio is now being backed by "non-establishment" Billionaires led by Paul Singer. Meanwhile Hillary Clinton who is still leading in most post for the DNC nomination is being challenged by Senator Bernie Sanders who's campaign is funding primarily from individual donations.

The reality is clear our elections are for the most part ruled by big money'd interests however it does appear that "the people" do have the ability to push and shape the debate. This is evidenced by the emergence of Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders and Ben Carson who regardless of how you feel about them are clearly the people's choice.

We have to promote and ratify an amendment to the constitution that says clearly that "money is not speech and corporations are not people" this is the only way we will have a clean and fair debate of the issues that effect us.


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