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#NewMusic: "Used To Love" You by Gwen Stefani

Pop Star and former No Doubt front woman Gwen Stefani releases her new single

Gwen Stefani has a habit of working through emotional issues through song. In the 90's her group No Doubt released "Don't Speak" which was written by Stefani and chronicled the demise of her relationship with band-mate Tony Kanal. "Dont Speak" catapulted No Doubt and Gwen Stefani into the consciousness of the mainstream.

If it wasn't for "Don't Speak" Gwen Stefani probably would not have had much of a career

Last week Stefani follows her instincts again at a time when authentic music is few and far between with her new song "Used to Love" which appears to be about the divorce from ex husband Gavin Rosedale.

Lets see if history repeats and Gwen finds herself with another hit..