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Bobby Shmurda is not that "Hot" of a "N*%&A": L.A. Reid explains rationale f

Brooklyn Rapper Bobby Shmurda had one of the most epic rise and subsequent falls in the history of entertainment. In 2014 Bobby Shmurda and his GS9 crew released the single "Hot N*%&A" virally and become the biggest record in the country. Bobby Shmurda and the "Shmoney Team" became stars set off a dance craze and developed a large fan base. Which lead to a lucrative deal with Epic Records. Almost a year ago Bobby Shmurda and his label-mates were arrested at a New York Studio and charged with weapons and drug possession. Bobby has been held in Riker's Island and many are wondering why his record company has not done more to help the young MC. In the past rappers like Slick Rick! Snoop Dogg, Puff Daddy, Remy Ma and several others have all been arrested and faced serious charges and convictions yet had the financial support of their record labels. Epic Records CEO L.A. Reid sat down with Radar Magazine and was asked why Bobby Shmurda who's bail is 2 Million dollars has yet to be bailed out by Epic Records even though the label still profits off sales of the Shmurda's music. Reid explained Shmurda's situation is different then other famous cases involving rappers. Reid implied that Shmurda isn't as established as artist such as Snoop Dogg and basically the risk vs reward factor comes into play. Reid also conveyed the rarely spoken truth that the music business isn't as profitable as it once was. When pressed as to why the lack of support for Shmurda Reid said "..it’s not the industry that it once was. We seriously don’t make the money we used to make. That’s a fact of life, right?” Reid went on to compare Bobby Shmurda to Snoop Dogg; "Bobby Shmurda is not the same as Snoop Dogg and Murder Was The Case, who’s coming off The Chronic and his first album. It’s a different era, ya know? And, we’re a publicly held corporation. We just aren’t in the same position we were in back in those days. So, it’s a different day.” Said by Reid. Reid is right the industry climate is very much different today then during the 90s and early 2000s. However record labels are still very much profitable. Yes record sales are down but labels have now generate huge profits off licensing agreements with TV, film, brand pairing deals as well as percentages of successful artists tours. Epic is still one of the most successful record companies so to say that they can't afford to at least post bail for their artist is laughable. Once Shmurda's trial is over the money will be returned to the company. What's more jarring is the lack of legal support. Epic appears to have interest in protecting their investment. From the outside looking in it appears L.A. Reid and Epic believe Shmurda has piqued and unlike a Snoop Dogg who was an established artist with a high ceiling. Despite platitudes about friendship and goodwill the music business is a business now run by multinational companies who only deal with numbers and profit projections. The bean counters at Epic apparently has deemed that Bobby is not that hot so that is why he will rot..


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