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The United States may have another "Edward Snowden" on there hands: Enter the "Drone

A treasure trove of classified documents have apparently been leaked to journalist and now are published. An unnamed whistle blower has given documents to journalists at the intercept that revealed the inner workings of US drone operations in Somalia, Yemen and Afghanistan, including the mechanism of targeting suspects slated for assassination which is refereed to as the "Kill list".

Previously classified documents, images, slides and analysis have been posted by The Intercept on Thursday as "The Drone Papers."

The documents were provided to The Intercept by a source within the US intelligence community who wished to remain anonymous because of the government's aggressive prosecution of whistle-blowers. Despite many politicians position that intelligence officials have channels and protective pathways to achieve whistle-blower protection history says different. Many have tried to sound the alarm of Government overreach and have been labeled as spys and or traitors. Private Bradley (Chelsea) Manning and Jeffery Sterling have both been praised as whistle-blowers but have received long draconian prison sentences.

In January CIA officer Jeffery Sterling who was convicted of nine felony counts for espionage after he tried to properly shed light on constitutional violations. In 2013 Manning was sentences to 35 years after he was tortured and abused during interrogation by the United States military.

In an attempt to avoid similar treatment Edward Snowden the private contractor for the NSA choose to live the United States before releases documents. Snowden's leaks uncovered the covert warrant-less surveillance conducted by the NSA on law abiding citizens.

Snowden is currently living in Russia after having his passport revoked by the U.S. State Department. Snowden was in the process of catching a connecting flight to Latin America and was ultimately stuck in an airport in Moscow.

​The "New Snowden" says "The American public has the right to know about the process by which people are placed on kill lists and assassinated on orders from US government officials."

This latest leak is the most comprehensive document dump since the Snowden revelations.


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