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Seth MacFarlane Endorses Bernie Sanders

Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane has came out in support of Bernie Sanders for President of the United States.

Fresh off his impressive showing at the first DNC debate Senator Bernie Sanders has raised 2 Million dollars (average of 35 bucks per) and more key endorsements both from political figures and celebrities. one of them is Actor, Writer and comedian Seth MacFarlane. Wednesday MacFarlane introduced Bernie Sanders at a rally in Los Angeles.

"For me this man has removed my trepidation for saying allowed.. That capitalism and democratic socialism (that not so scary word) can and should coexist, the public and private sector is really not that new of an idea" - Seth MacFarlane Compared FDR to Bernie Sanders and made the case as to how the public & private sector can co-exist For MacFarlane the number one issue for him is the threat of climate change and in order to make the necessary changes to our economy it will take massive collective action similar to how the United States transforms its entire manufacturing sector in order to help win the second world war. Seth MacFarlane is creator of Animated hits such as Family Guy, American Dad & The Cleveland show. He is also the producer of the Hit movies Ted and Ted 2 as well as the executive producer of the Starz series Blunt Talk staring Patrick Stewart.

Sanders full Speech

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