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Million Man March: Justice or Else: Louis Farrakhan Full Speech

On Saturday October 10 The Nation of Islam organized a rally in honor of the 20th Anniversary of the historic Million Man’s March. 20 years reports of attendance ranged from 500,000 to over a million. This year’s theme was “Justice or Else” with estimated numbers between 400,000 and 850,000

Unlike the two decades ago the event was more inclusive with men and women of multiple races in attendance including delegations from Native American tribes.

Minister Louis Farrakhan drew a link between the formation of the United States and today’s racial tensions. Farrakhan said the birth of America was not just built with the blood enslaved millions of Africans but the genocide of indigenous peoples in the western hemisphere.

The Justice or Else rally fell on the same weekend as the United States celebrates Columbus Day. Many have called for an end to the holiday giving the historical record of genocide and introduction of the African slave trade by Columbus.

Farrakhan who is 83 years of age spoke to the crowd on the National Mall in Washington and reflected on the importance of passing the torch to the next generation.

"We who are getting older... what good are we if we don't prepare young people to carry that torch of liberation to the next step? What good are we if we think we can last forever and not prepare others to walk in our footsteps?" he said.

The speech was about unity not just between black people and their communities but also between the different minority and ethnic groups that in his view have a common enemy which is legacy white supremacy.

Farrakhan speech lasted over two hours; vacillating between political and historical analysis to religious prophecy. Farrakhan attacked the revisionist history or President Abraham Lincoln’s record on racial justice as well as Thomas Jefferson. He then went on to link the rise in historic storms and other natural disasters as signs of a coming “judgement from God on the United States”

The Minster also gave marching orders to all in attendance; Farrakhan called for an end to the use of the word “Bitch” to describe women. He later called for 10 thousand men and 10 thousand women to sign up to act as peace keepers and teachers for the black communities. Finally he called for a “Boycott of Christmas”; Farrakhan called for people to indulge in the commercialism Christmas save their money and use the holiday as time to reconcile differences within the family.

Despite reports of police anticipating violence or calls to raise arms against the police, the Justice or Else event was an extremely peaceful and uplifting day that will hopefully inspire millions as did the original Million Man March 20 years ago.

Log on to www.JusticeOrElse.com for follow up events

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