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Stephon Marbury accidentally tells the truth about Free Trade: Reveals How Much Sneakers Actually Co

Former NBA star Stephon Marbury has a message to sneaker heads; "You all are suckers".

Stephon Marbury, left the NBA some time ago and now plays for the Chinese Basketball Association He recently announced via social media the resurrection of his Starbury sneaker, telling sneaker heads that, like Jordan’s and other brands that come with a price tag of up 150 to 450 dollars, his sneakers will only cost 15 dollars and are produced in the same Chinese factories for $5 a pop.

Marbury’s comments come on the same day as the deal was reached for the Trans-Pacfic Partnership. The TPP and deals like it allows companies to exploit cheap nearly free labor while charging exorbitant prices to the consumer and hording profits at the top for executives and shareholders.

For years Michael Jordan and NIke has come under scrutiny for using cheap labor while at times ignoring basic human rights standards that would be violations in the United States but are perfectly legal in desperately poor nations. Nike has been one of the biggest beneficiaries from so-called free trade deals and Stephon Marbury might have just educated a largely unaware consumer who do not understand how economics work.

In 2013, consumers spent $6.46 billion on athletic shoes. Most of the profits made by companies like Nike avoid paying taxes. Obama points to Nike moving its' headquarters to Oregon as proof that the TPP will be of a benefit to the United States. Nike added 2000 good paying United States but that is only a fraction of the total operation for Nike. Companies like Nike are global multinational companies who's interests do not allow for "Country loyalty".

Stephon Marbury may have inadvertently raised awareness to young urban people who have no idea on how so called free trade effects their daily lives. America needs less free trade not more, if we do not change our trade policy no one will have the money to buy any of these high priced sneakers.



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