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Bernie Sanders Makes History Becoming the First Candidate to Reach 1 Million Individual Donations Ev

The Bernie Sanders presidential campaign announced that it had crossed the threshold of one million individual contributions to his campaign. this is a record for U.S. presidential campaigns Barack Obama did not reach this threshold until February of 2008. During his 2012 run for re-election, he did not hit it until October 2011.

Bernie Sanders has refused to take any contributions from Political Action Committees (PACs) and the campaign wanted to send a strong message to "Nay-Sayers" that this is a people's campaign and will not be brought by special interests. The average donation is less then 25 dollars which proves that the average American appears to be putting their money where their mouth is in support of Senator Sanders.

Reaching 1 million donations by the third quarter’s end had been one of the Sanders campaign’s chief goals in recent days. “This deadline is an opportunity to send a powerful message to the political media and the super PACs attacking us about the strength of our campaign,” said by a Sanders' spokesman

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