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Elizabeth Warren gave a powerful endorsement to the #BlackLivesMatter movement

Senator Elizabeth Warren called for broad policing reform during a speech Sunday on racial and economy inequality. Warren called for police reform including de-escalation training and body cameras for all police officers. Warren did not call for civilian review boards or any independent oversight by the citizens. However her speech was powerful and important as she likened the #BlackLivesMatter movement to the civil rights movement of the 1960s

"None of us can ignore what is happening in this country. Not when our black friends, family, neighbors literally fear dying in the streets." Warren said. "This is the reality all of us must confront, as uncomfortable and ugly as that reality may be. It comes to us to once again affirm that black lives matter, that black citizens matter, that black families matter." said by Senator Warren

Warren's address, delivered at the Edward Kennedy Institute in Boston; She goes on to say:

"Economic justice is not — and has never been — sufficient to ensure racial justice. Owning a home won’t stop someone from burning a cross on the front lawn. Admission to a school won’t prevent a beating on the sidewalk outside," Warren declared. "The tools of oppression were woven together, and the civil rights struggle was fought against that oppression wherever it was found — against violence, against the denial of voting rights and against economic injustice."

Elizabeth Warren address at Boston's Edward Kennedy Institute (Warren's BLM Comments occur around 20 minutes in)


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