• J-Didda

Pope vows to hold clergy accountable for sex abuse

Pope Francis met Sunday with survivors of the Catholic Church’s sex abuse scandal and said he will hold offending clergy accountable for their “evil” acts. The Pope made his remarks at St. Martin's Chapel in Philadelphia, PA

While addressing an audience of 300 bishops from around the world.the Pope said “God weeps!" He went on to say “These sins, these crimes, these sexual abuses cannot be [kept] in secret any longer,” the pope said. “I promise you that all that are responsible will be held accountable.” He thanked the survivors for having the courage to speak out.

The Philadelphia diocese was rocked by a sex abuse scandal several years ago, with a grand jury finding that church officials kept offending clergy in their jobs and covered up their actions.

Francis hinted at increased oversight, structural changes and it appears the practices of moving sexual abusers around to different dioceses in order to avoid criminal prosecution will end.


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