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DNC Chairwoman heckled with calls for more Democratic Party debates

There has been increasing scrutiny of the Democratic National Committee's decision only to schedule 6 presidential debates this year, many supporters of Bernie Sanders, Martin O'Malley, Jim Webb have called for more debates. On-lookers have commented that Debbie Wasserman-Schulz is trying to help Hillary Clinton remain the front runner by limiting the number of debates as well as the schedule of the debates which isn't exactly "prime-time" "We want debates," chanted Democrats wearing pro-Sanders shirts at the New Hampshire Democratic Party convention this weekend. "My friends," Party leader Debbie Wasserman-Schulz begged. "What's more important, drawing a contrast with Republicans or arguing about debates?" "Enough is enough, we have a job to do, let's focus on the task at hand," Wasserman Schultz continued. "We have a presidential candidate that did not the other night tell a supporter in the audience that Barack Obama was not a Muslim."

Democratic strategist believe that too many debates was the reason for Clinton's lost to Obama. In 2008 there was only 6 official DNC debates but there were multiple non DNC sponsored debates. However Wasserman-Schulz has implemented a rule saying that if any candidate participates in "non-DNC" debates they cannot participate in the "official" ones.

This election cycle is really not about right vs left but insider vs outsider. Bernie Sanders is clearly the outsider and O'Malley and others are also a potential threat to the insiders. The establishment once Clinton and many democratic voters are unhappy with what appears to be a "coronation" instead of a real robust primary.

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