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Does Ted Cruz think he is Kevin Spacey in House of Cards?

Has Senator Ted Cruz got so desperate that he is taking campaign strategy from the fictional Frank Underwood on “House of Cards”?

In the last season of “House of Cards” starring Kevin Spacey the lead character while running for reelection brokered a deal with a female congressman Jackie Sharp played by Molly Parker to be his "attack dog” in an effort to destroy his toughest political rival.

It appears now that real life politics is mirroring fiction at least in the mind of Ted Cruz

The FEC is questioning why a Ted Cruz Super-PAC donated 500K to Carly Fiorina. A The PAC called “Keep the Promise 1”, has donated 500,000 to the only woman running for the GOP nomination.

Carly Fiorina made a pretty good showing of herself in the last debate however prior to the debate while the former HP executive was languishing in the polls supporters of Ted Cruz donated a half a million dollars to the Fiorina campaign.

Carly Fiorina the new "It" GOP canidate.

There is a history of campaign rivals raising money for each other however this happens typically after the race is over with the aim of helping a candidate pay off his or her debt. Moreover that only happens after an endorsement.

This is very strange that a candidate who is still competing against another a contender has a look of collusion which would be illegal.

We wonder if Ted Cruz was watching House Of Cards and thought he was Frank Underwood by using a female faux candidate to be his attack dog on Donald Trump as he positions himself to pick off Trump supporters.

Does life imitate art?? "House of Cards": Frank & Jackie’s “Dynamics”

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