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Jeb Bush stands on tip toes in an effort to beat Trump at something

The tallest candidate in an election traditionally has the best chance of winning in an election and Jeb Bush who is languishing in the polls apparently is willing to try anything.

During the CNN Republican debate Jeb Bush who is already 6'3 is shown on his tip toes and with his head tilted up in an attempt to look considerable taller then Donald Trump.

Jeb Bush stands on his tippy toes and stretches his arms out to appear "bigger"

Statistics show that since 1900, the taller candidate has won the election 75% of the time. Some political and cultural experts say that this is because the public unconsciously favors taller people. In a 2003 essay by New York Times writer Virginia Postrel about artificially increasing the height of growth-stunted children, she says; “Still, being short on average, does hurt a person’s prospects...The tall guy gets the girl. The taller presidential candidate almost always wins.”

When all presidential elections in US history are taken into account, taller candidates only won 53% of the time, shorter candidates won 39% of the time, and both candidates were of the same height 8% of the time.

Trump who is 6'2 is still way ahead of Bush in the polls but I guess the one inch advantage Bush has wasn't enough for the former governor of Florida.



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