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Bernie was the only white person in the room..

Investigative Journalist and author Greg Palast is very confused over the narrative that somehow “Bernie Sanders is not sympathetic to African American issues”.

Greg Palast has investigated voter suppression, voter fraud and other election irregularities for decades. In 2001 he was instrumental in covering how Jeb Bush and his administration helped steal the election for his Brother George W. Bush. Between May 1999 and Election Day 2000, two Florida secretaries of state - Sandra Mortham and Katherine Harris, both protégées of Governor Jeb Bush- ordered 57,700 "ex-felons," who are prohibited from voting by state law, to be removed from voter rolls. (In the thirty-five states where former felons can vote, roughly 90 percent vote Democratic.)

Lead by Katherine Harris Florida officials essentially purged random black sounding and common black names that were similar or identical to names of the ex-felons. This action essentially helped Bush to be within a few hundred votes of Al Gore in the pivotal state of Florida. Obviously we know the story of missing voting ballots and other “issues” and of course the Supreme Court decision to end the recount and essentially awarding the White House to Bush. A year later the New York Times reported that the votes were actually counted and Bush in fact lost to Vice President Gore.

In an effort to prevent that type of voter suppression to happen again the Congressional Black Caucus held a hearing and invited Mr. Palast to testify and inform congress about his findings. They invited the entire congress including at that time Senator Hillary Clinton but no other member of congress attended accept Bernie Sanders. Sanders was essentially the only white person in a room and in Washington concerned with African American’s rights to vote.

"When the Congressional Black Caucus asked me to present my discovery of the illegal purge of Black voters in Florida, only one white guy showed: Bernie Sanders. Hillary: MIA. I'm tired of hearing that Sanders doesn't reach out to Black folk. He's been on the front lines since Selma. I don't endorse candidates — but I also don't tolerate bullshit over facts." - Greg Palast

Greg Palast on the Thom Hartmann Show discussing Bush Election fraud and Bernie Sanders at the CBC hearing.

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