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Sanders raises $1.2 Million two days after Pro-Clinton Super-PAC launches "Red Scare" Atta

Bernie Sanders’s campaign took in more than $1.2 million in donations in the two days after an attack from a super-PAC supporting Hillary Clinton. The Super-PAC "Correct the Record" founded by political operative David Brock, sent out an email out on Monday comparing Sanders to British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, who he categorized as a committed socialist. in fact much like the good senator from Vermont is a Democratic socialist.

David Brock was originally a "political hit man" who once worked for the republican party. He was instrumental in destroying the credibility of Anita Hill during the Clarence Thomas supreme court confirmation hearings. in the 90's however Brock started working for the Clinton's and was an important part of Clinton winning the white house.

After news broke about the "Red Scare" email from Brock the donations poured into the campaign through the online fundraising site ActBlue.

“We’ve never seen an immediate donor response like what the Sanders campaign received on Tuesday,” ActBlue Executive Director Erin Hill said. “At one point, it drove 180 contributions through our platform per minute.”

The attack linked Sanders, who identifies as a Democratic socialist, to controversial remarks made by Corbyn, including his praise of the late Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez.

Sanders and several other northeastern politicians including Hillary Clinton expressed gratitude for the late Latin American president gesture of providing low income and at times free heating oil to poor families during the winter.

Senator Sanders sent an email out to his supporters after Brock's email began to circulate: “Yesterday, one of Hillary Clinton’s most prominent Super PACs attacked our campaign pretty viciously,” Bernie goes on to say “It was the kind of onslaught I expect to see from the Koch Brothers or Sheldon Adelson, and it’s the second time a billionaire Super PAC has tried to stop the momentum of the political revolution we’re building together.”

Sanders spokesman Michael Briggs said the super-PAC was “distorting the record.”

“It is disappointing that Secretary Clinton’s super-PAC is spreading disinformation about Bernie,” Briggs said. “This is exactly the kind of politics that Bernie is trying to change.”

Clinton herself has so far refused to take shots at Sanders and other Democratic candidates, focusing most of her attention on the Republican field.

David Brock's super-PAC was formed to defend the former Secretary of State against dubious allegations that has been thrown at her from GOP and Conservative groups. However it appears now that the rise of Bernie Sanders is forcing them to utilize funds raised by Clinton supporters to smear and launch their own dubious attacks at the good Senator.


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