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Police shoot man who was filming an arrest of neighbor

Rancho Cordova, California police shot a man while he was filming the arrest of his neighbor.

The Sheriff Deputies were in the process of arresting Ben Ledford on charges of animal cruelty. Ben Ledford had apparently fired 100 shots at a dog across the street and killing the animal.

Ledford’s Neighbor Danny Sanchez heard the commotion came outside and began to record the arrest on his cellphone when officers began shooting at Sanchez because they said he had a gun. The cops struck Sanchez in the leg.

John Sanchez, the victim’s father later said that his son was only carrying a cellphone. “We went right there over to that corner and stood there with his phone, trying to get some pictures,” said John Sanchez.

“He was yelling, ‘Dad, I’m shot, I’m shot,’ so I grabbed him inside and closed the garage door,” he added. “I put a tourniquet around his leg and a clean towel.”

Sanchez only sustained minor damage but it could have been worse. The police in the United States are on pace to kill a record number of unarmed citizens and as the rise of citizen monitoring of police operations increase how many more law abiding citizens will become victims of “trigger-happy” policing.


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