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Cornel West hits the campaign trail with Bernie Sanders to court black voters

Dr. Cornel West introduced Bernie Sanders at Benedict College in South Carolina. Senator Sanders has started his outreach to African American voters. During the introduction Dr. West outlined the reasons he believes that Bernie Sanders is the moral candidate in the race and why that morality will ensure that Sanders wins the White House.

“What I love about Brother Bernie is he’s a brother of integrity and honesty and decency,” said West. “He’s not just on the move. He’s going to win!” - Cornel West

Cornel West is one of the leading American Intellectuals and African American thought leaders in the United States. He has been criticized from many Black political leaders for his open criticism of Barack Obama and has seen his alliances with many in the democratic party take a serious hit.

Bernie Sanders is leading Hillary Clinton in the polls in both Iowa and New Hampshire however he is lagging in the polls among African Americans. The Sanders' campaign believes that the lack of name recognition with Black voters is why Clinton is currently ahead of him in minority communities. This of course is beginning to change.

Watch Bernie Sanders full speech Below:

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