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Legendary Radio & TV Host Ed Lover named VP of Hip Hop TV

Watch Now Networks based out of Oakland California launches a new 24-hour streaming network for hip-hop content.

On Monday during the Hiero Day music festival HipHopTV began streaming live. The founder and CEO's name is Shawn Granberry. Mr. Granberry is a long-term event promoter from the Bay Area. Shawn Granberry has hired Former Yo MTV Raps Host Ed Lover to the position of VP of artist relations. Ed Lover was instrumental in making Hip Hop and Rap mainstream and helping it grow to the multi-million dollar industry that it s today. Ed Lover is famous for starring in several movies including "Who's the Man" as well as being one of the most influential radio hosts in America.

The network, which plans original programming alongside showing music videos, live performances and other content, is viewable on computers, mobile devices, tablets and set top boxes such as Apple TV and Roku.

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