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DMX's son is selling off father's Platinum plaques to fund his own rap career

Rapper DMX was was sentenced to a six month jail sentence in New York for failure to pay child support. While that may be disheartening to the Yonkers born K-9 loving rapper he received another blow this week as well. DMX's song Xavier is selling off his father's platinum plaques on e-bay for as little as 3,000 dollars. Reports are Xavier is looking to start his own music career and will use the sale of his father's plaques as seed money.

Certification plaques for "X" albums "it's Dark & Hell is Hot", "Flesh of My Flesh", "Blood of My Blood" and "Then There Was X" were apparently left behind at Xavier's home that he shared with his mother.

This action by Xavier is probably not "legal" and there may be some litigation down the road to settle this but perhaps it is right from a moral perspective in the eyes of Xavier.


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