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Obama says "If Tom Brady needed a union you know the average American needs a union as well..&q

President Obama celebrated Labor day in Boston, Massachusetts earlier today. During his speech he talked about the earlier history of the Labor movement in The United States and the role labor unions played in delievering some of the basic employee protections and labor standards that Americans take for granted.

President Obama used the current victory of New England Patriots QB Tom Brady as proof of the value unions have to play protecting employees from potentially unfair treatment by an employer.

The President said: "if Tom Brady needed a union to protect his job, then how could anyone expect the average person to not need union protection. “Even Brady’s happy he’s got a union! They had his back. So you know if Brady needs a union, we definitely need unions,”

A New York federal judge recently lifted a four-game suspension the NFL had imposed on Brady in response to a scandal over deflated footballs. The NFL Players Association is the union that fought to overturn the suspension.

Recently the President faces constant criticism by American Unions because of his push for "Free-Trade" deals such as the Transpacific Partnership. However Obama has been a long support of Union Organization and against so-called "right to work" laws.

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