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New Will Smith film may turn the NFL upside down

Here is one winter blockbuster you probably won't see advertised during this season's NFL games. "Concussion" is a new film starring Will Smith who plays a Dr. Bennet Omalu, who performed several autopsies on deceased NFL Players including Hall of Famer Mike Webster and made some disturbing findings. Dr. Omalu has determined a link between concussions sustained by players during their career and long term brain damage.

Earlier this year former NFL player Chris Borland who retired from the NFL at the young age of 24 citing concerns for his long term safety. Borland expressed concerns of chronic traumatic encephalopathy during the statement he released when he decided to end his career early. Chris Borland received both criticism and praise for his decision as well as raised the question is our country's number one sport safe?

President Obama is on the record as saying that if he had sons he would discourage them from playing Football. The of the link between football and brain damage is well known for many years but the NFL and sports media have been largely quiet on the subject that all seemingly changed in 2012 when NFL legend Junior Seau committed suicide.

Junior Seau shot himself in his chest leaving and expressed concerns that he was suffering from brain damage. Many believe he was following another former NFL Player Dave Duerson who also shot himself in the chest and left a suicide note requesting his brain to be studied for brain damage.

"Concussion" will raise a lot of questions as to how we make Football safer or if the game can be made safe at all.

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