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Hillary Clinton's full speech at the DNC Annual Summer Meeting

Hillary Clinton address The Democratic National Committee and takes on the GOP

Democratic front runner Hillary Clinton addressed the DNC at their annual summer meeting and laid out an agenda that drew a clear distinction between what "Democratic principles" are vs GOP rhetoric.

Hillary Clinton touted the record of her former boss as secretary of state; reminding those in attendance of the hole that was left by the Bush administration and how President Obama's leadership stirred us out of the recession. She also trumpeted the affordable care act aka Obama care. Clinton called for an amendment that will over turned citizen's united, more regulations on wall street and employee profit sharing.

The former first lady stressed that she wants to lead the DNC with a strategy that would win not only the white house and congress but state and local municipalities as well.

Mrs Clinton took the republicans to task for their "war on women" and made humorous remarks about GOP front runner Donald Trump's assertion that he would be better on women's health issues then the former senator from New York.

Much like Senator Sanders' speech Hillary Clinton seems to be calling for massive voter registration, outreach and turn out in order to defeat the republicans next year.

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