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Bernie Sanders set to tell the DNC that it's time to become outsiders

Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders will address the Democratic party Today during the DNC Summer meeting. Sources say that his speech will be primary about ending establishment politics.

CNN reports that an aide to the Vermont senator says that Sanders will argue during his speech at the Democratic National Committee summer meeting in Minneapolis that "if Democrats want to keep the White House and recapture Congress and make gains in statehouses, then establishment politics won't do it."

Sanders will call for DNC to position themselves against the establishment particularly Wall Street, big banks and corporations and to place the American people's wishes above that of the oligarchs. The key to this of course is pushing for legislation and an amendment that gets money out of politics as well as ending so called "corporate person-hood"

Sanders will also pop his collar a bit. His aide said that the senator will tout his record breaking rallies that has had over 100,000 supporters in attendance. "This is the kind of excitement the party needs" says the aide

Unlike his rallies Bernie Sanders will not have a home court advantage. Bernie Sanders is an outsider and represents the voice of the outsiders who are sympathetic to the Democratic party. the DNC is largely made up of business as usual 'insiders" who really aren't interested in changing the way politics works in this country. Not to say that Democratic insiders such as front runner Hillary Clinton are not calling for changes to the system of implied if not explicit political bribery but they are only calling for marginal adjustments while Democrats like Elizabeth Warren, Keith Ellison and Alan Grayson or more inclined to follow Bernie's position of wholesale and fundamental change.

Bernie Sanders is technically not a Democratic he is an independent that caucuses with the Democratic party. This is most likely his first time attending the DNC summer meetings. Sanders is an outsider that is looking to pull the party more to his direction and hopefully lead it. Unlike the GOP's stalking horse outsider Mr. Donald Trump Bernie has made it clear that if he does not win the nomination he will not seek the White House as an independent.

Sanders is on record as saying: "I will not do anything to increase the chances of a Republican winning the White House; That will be a disaster"


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