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NBA star Derrick Rose accused of drugging and gang raping ex-girlfriend

Chicago Bulls Superstar and former NBA MVP Derrick Rose is being sued by a woman who claims that he and two of his friends drugged and raped her.

TMZ reports that a woman, who refuses to identify herself, says she and Rose had dated between the years 2011 to 2013. During that time, Rose allegedly pressured her to perform sexual acts that she wasn't comfortable with including allow him to sleep with her friends as well as to engage in group sex with strangers, The woman known only as Jane Doe refused all of these requests.

Despite these allegations the woman continued to date Rose's until August 2013. The relationship ended when Rose and two of his friends, Ryan Allen and Randall Hampton (who is also Rose's personal manager), allegedly invited her to Rose's Beverly Hills house where she says they slipped a drug into her drink with in order to make her susceptible to rape.

The plaintiff says she escaped the house with the aide of a friend, but later that night, Rose, Allen and Hampton broke into her apartment and gang raped her while she was incapacitated. "Jane Doe' claims she remembers only "flashes" of the incident, but knows that the defendants forcibly raping her.

The reason for waiting two years is shame. She says that she was "ashamed and embarrassed" of what happened and concerned her "conservative family" would find out.

The alleged victim is seeking unspecified damages.

Mr. Rose or his attorneys have yet to comment.

Derrick Rose has been plagued with setback after setback with major injuries for the past several years. Last year he appeared to be nearing return to his old self but these new allegations could be his greatest challenge to date.


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