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Talib Kweli says "F--K The Money!" : Brooklyn Rapper Talib Kweli Releases New Single Off N

F--k The Money Featuring Cassper Nyovest

Legendary Rapper/Activist Talib Kweli has just dropped a new FREE album via his website KweliClub.com On Saturday, Aug. 15, he said that it had already been downloaded a million times.

Recently Talib Kweli was in Ferguson, Missouri for the anniversary of the death of Mike Brown.The Brooklyn MC participated in rallies and protests demanding national law enforcement reform and police accountability. Talib also performed a free concert along with several other artists.

The music business has changed and artist endeavoring to find new ways to monetize their brands.


People don't buy music, they'd rather stream and pay money to streaming companies -- It's convenient. As horrible as it is, it's my responsibility to do something about it. It's not on the consumer to do something about the new business model." - Talib Kweli speaking on HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher's overtime segment.

F--- the Money Tracklist:

1. “Gratitude” 2. “Leslie Nope” 3. “Nice Things” 4. “Echoes” (Ft. Miguel & Patrick Stump) 5. “Fuck The Money” (Ft. Cassper Nyovest) 6. “Fall Back” (Ft. Styles P & Nire) 7. “He Said She Said” 8. “Butterfly” (Ft. Steffanie Christi’an) 9. “Baby Girl” (Ft. Kendra Ross) 10. “The Venetian” (Ft. NIKO IS & Ab-Soul) 11. “Money Good”

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Twitter: @TalibKweli

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