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Was Hillary Clinton being condescending during her meeting with #BlackLivesMatter or just a "co

Last week Hilary Clinton met with members of the #BlackLivesMatter movement. I video has surfaced from that meeting and many people have called Mrs Clinton's tone and demeanor condescending, Clinton confronted activists of the Boston chapter of BLM and listened to grievances of the young members of the group that has revolutionized the political discourse in America. Mrs Clinton then began to suggest that BLM should have a list of demands and policy suggestions in order to be taking serious.

Many African Americans and people sympathetic to #BlackLivesMatter were offended by the way the former first lady offered "advice" to a group of people who deal on a daily basis with a threat of death hanging over their heads. While other people have commented that Hillary Clinton in fact supports all civil rights and is sympathetic to the cause of BLM but tried to offer some sober advice from the stand point of years of political experience.

I believe we have two disconnections going on here. First we have a conversation between the "ultimate insider" and a group of people representing the "ultimate outsiders". Secondly and probably more importantly there is a generational disconnect. Clinton is from a generation that is used to incremental change and dealing with established civil rights organizations, lobbyists, political action committees etc. This moment is different the new movement politics is not centralized.

Last Friday I wrote my Op-Ed: "We Don't Need Another Hero: Why movement politics works best when leadership is decentralized" specifically addressing this phenomenon, With that being said Hillary did come across condescending but not racist just old and lacking of empathy to the pain that young black and brown people are feeling at this moment in time.

- J-Didda

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