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Was Eazy E killed by the Government? Layzie Bone seems to think so..

"Straight Outta Compton" the new biopic about the rise and career of the historic rap group N.W.A. is the number one movie in the country grossing over 60 Million dollars at the box office. Controversy has surrounded the group since its inception and still continues. This week many in the media are questioning why law enforcement is "beefing up" patrols around theaters showing the film as well as scrutiny about celebrating a group who is credited by some as being the catalyst for the "Misogynistic" lyrics associated with hip hop music.

Now an interview nearly a decade old has begun to circulate the internet where Eazy E's protege Layzie Bone claims that Eazy's death was a result of a conspiracy between the United States Government and manager Jerry Heller. Eazy E discovered and managed Layzie Bone.and his group Bone Thugs & Harmony. Layzie Bone was around the rapper born Eric Wright constantly prior to his diagnosis and ultimate during his expiration due to complications from AIDS.

in 2007 Layzie Bone appeared on Jamie Foxx's old Sirius radio show "FoxxHole Radio". Layzie Bone alleges that Eazy's manager and business partner Jerry Heller infected the N.W.A. front man with a highly aggressive version of the HIV/AIDS virus. Layzie Bone alleges that Eazy E was killed because the Government feared an N.W.A. reunion and that Heller had an incentive to commit murder due to the fact that Eazy E was about to cut ties with his longtime business associate.

During the interview Layzie explains that Eazy E had met with Ice Cube about a reunion just prior to getting sick and that Dr. Dre was also open to the idea of burying the hatchet and reforming the group. However the key was Jerry Heller could not be involved in anyway shape or form. This rumor is well known in the industry and has been all but corroborated by Cube and Dre.

Another piece to the puzzle apparently is Eazy E was making steps to become politically active. In March of 1991 Eazy E was invited to the White House to meet with President George Bush. Eazy had made a campaign contribution to the President under his legal name "Eric Wright" and was giving access to the Republican President along with other donors. The Media dismissed this as a publicity stunt but people who know Eazy has claimed that this was only the beginning of a new shift towards political engagement.

For these reasons Layzie Bone says his mentor was killed. He points to the speed in which the virus ran its course and even at that time people didn't die that quickly after diagnosis. In addition the fact that Eazy E's wife and child were not infected also raises questions for many. However we do know that transmission of the disease is not always transferred during intercourse and Eazy E could very well have been infected for years and hid his condition from everyone. We may never know

Listen to Lazyie Bone on FoxHole Radio November 30, 2007

Note from the Editor: I remember listening to this interview live while driving to DC. It was one of those "Hmm" moments. Our government has history of bio-warfare and CIA assassinations of influential and potentially "subversive" individuals. One wonders how many of these unassuming deaths of great men and women who had they lived would have worked to disrupt the status quo were in fact caused by our own government. In this case i find it hard to believe that most opportunistic member of the group would suddenly shift his attention to social goods and black liberation. And if that was the case Eazy E did have a history of being susceptible to the "All Mighty Dollar" so it would make more sense to me that "They" would try and simply buy him off. But then again maybe they tried.. - J-Didda

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