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“The Bishop is Crossing aka We Don't Need Another Hero: Why movement politics works best When le

When we teach our children history we tend to center pivotal moments in time around strong historical figures. Names like Lincoln, King, Roosevelt, even Adolf Hitler are credited with shifting events and shaping history as if these people existed in a vacuum. The "Great Man" theory permeates our culture. This dishonest, dangerous and lazy method of teaching of history has stagnated human evolution. Conventional history is coupled with Abrahamic dogma which has given mankind a a "savior" complex. Traditionally we wait and sometimes suffer until a “leader” comes along that will inspire us to act in our own best interests. But he or she never does and the people collectively take matters into their own hands.

Every so often the people awaken from their slumber and remember that the Man or the woman doesn't make the movement but it is actually the reverse. The people produce the right person for the times always.

It doesn’t take everyone, not even a majority of the populace. History tells us 20 to 30 percent of a strong dedicated member of a population can change a society. When enough people wake up they will inspire the fearful and apathetic into action. I believe we are witnessing another "great awakening" and the establishment is both scared to death and fascinated at the same time.

If you kill the Black Lion then Voltron cannot be formed...

The modern movements of today are organic & decentralized which in my opinion is a great thing. In the past the “enemy” has been able to stop civil rights or economic justice movements by directly attacking the leadership of said movements. They have successfully been able to kill off our leaders and subsequently the movements either died or went underground. A leader or figure head is extremely vulnerable, They can be destroyed, marginalized, corrupted or discredited. For this specific reason the #BlackLivesMatter movement and before them the #Occupy movement was structured around no real central leadership. However this does not mean an absence of any leadership or organization nor are they devoid of a clear and concise position. The danger of course is the potential for outside agitation is increased and opportunists may use the mantle for their own personal glory. There is also something to be said for large coordinated efforts and a clearly defined hierarchy that would make negotiation with political leaders easier.

So the tension is what do we do? Find a leader or continue with this new "insurgent activism" approach? Men & Women of integrity are few and far between so picking a leader may be problematic. In addition celebrity is a drug. Many people enter into the public sphere with perfectly good intentions but the allure of the cameras is intoxicating and eventually personal status at times leads to compromises of core principles. With that said however at this point and time it isn't necessary for a "Moses to lead us to the promise land".

Continuing the analogy we all know way to “The Land of Milk and Honey”. Our problem is we are really just afraid to go, we know all too well the path to victory but we also know it isn’t necessary assured or achievable without personal pain and sacrifice. So we wait for “that” person to come along and say “It will be okay, I know the best and safest path”. Essentially to quote John Mayer: “We’re waiting for the world to change.” The world won’t change until we the people change it.

The "new way" is the best approach. The enemy is too large, too entrenched, and too powerful. They have all if the resources; control of the mainstream media therefore the ability to shape the debate. Control of the judicial system; they have bought and paid for politicians who write the rules in the oligarchs favor. But most important of all “might makes right”; They control the police and military; this enables them to take out any infrastructure or institution they want to. They have a weakness however; they can't hit what they can't target...

They can't squash what they can't catch. Small and nibble is the way. Pocket cells and loosely affiliated groups who are doing the good works across the world is the best approach and these tactics are having a positive effect. During the 2012 election Occupy Wall Street framed the narrative from “Obamacare” to income inequality and who was responsible for The Great Recession. The “99% vs the 1%” meme was central to that debate. Today we are witnessing #BlackLivesMatter having the same effect on the 2016 Election cycle.

How do they do it? Social media connects them; this is why the "enemy" wants to end net neutrality. Big media no longer has a monopoly on the narrative. Both the Democrats and Republicans can now have their weekly message derailed by a kid with a camera phone or two black women storming a stage and grabbing the microphone.

We don’t wear powdered wigs, we don’t’ have pitch-forks and we don’t eat snails... Still we have detractors who cry out for the need of structure. You’ve heard it before: “What do they want?” "They need a list of demands, a concise message". People say without "order there will be chaos. These people although well intentioned are operating unfortunately from fear. Frankly the "conservative" mind is rooted in a position of fear. In general historians and the more conservative minded revolutionaries (This includes liberal/progressives) juxtapose the French Revolution and the American Revolution. Both were a rebuke of oligarchy and both revolutions happened around the same time. Unlike the American Revolution however the struggle for “freedom” was less "orderly" then the American revolt. (I am strictly speaking only of the formation of a political system and not the war for independence itself or the slavery issue) The French revolution was devoid of a real centralized leadership at first and resulted in a period of anarchy, kangaroo trials where the ruling class (women and children included) were tortured and summarily executed. Any Frenchmen who was perceived to be anti-revolutionary or even sympathetic to the former members of the ruling class was killed as well, eventually even turning on members of the revolution’s leadership. But in the end a democracy and civil society did emerge all be it after tens of thousands of deaths.

Barring a large scale depression and famine it is unlikely that any revolutionary movement in the United States would mirror that of the French Revolution. There are many other historical and cultural factors that I won't get in to but needless to say any rhetoric that an organic freedom movement would deliver us into a state of lawlessness or a loss of our moral center is ridiculous..

Sing the song Anna-Mae.. Yes all movements must eventually coalesce behind a well-defined leadership structure; but that leadership must emerge at the right time and for the right reasons. Tina Turner's hit song from the movie “Mad Max 3: Beyond Thunderdome” said it best: "We don't need another hero".

We do not need another self-serving self-important demigod that sees a parade marching down the street then steals a flag and jumps in front and then pretends that all these people are his or her followers. What we need is to do create the space for which fair minded and courageous politicians have the room to operate within their conscience and be true to their highest ideals. For the weak, apathetic or corrupt of our political class we need an engaged populace that will force them to either move in the right direction or step aside. - J-Didda

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