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California just became the first state end the use of Grand Juries when Police kill citizens

California will no long use the grand jury process when determining whether or not to indict a police officer involved shootings of civilians. Gov. Jerry Brown (D) signed a bill Tuesday. This will ends the practice of secret deliberations regarding the potential prosecution of police officers

The SFGate reports the new law; "SB 227" is the first state in the union to ban the use of grand juries in cases of officer indictment. It will go into effect next year. This is a major victory for police reform and accountability activists

LaDoris Cordell, a retired Santa Clara County Superior Court judge who is now San Jose’s independent police auditor, said in a statement: “Communities want a criminal justice system that is transparent and which holds all of the players — law enforcement, prosecutors and judges, accountable when there are civilian deaths resulting from the conduct of officers. Criminal grand juries do neither,”


Note From the Editor: This is a significant step towards reforming a broken law enforcement system. Let us be clear the ultimate goal has to be a community review board made up by elected citizens with subpoena power and special non-local prosecutors to investigate these cases. Furthermore a federal cabinet level position should be established that oversees and establish federal across the board police tactics and polices. That way we will be able to hold the President and Congress accountable for our policing and not have to keep going from city to city or town to town trying to reform departments. - J-Didda

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