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"The Bishop Is Crossing.. aka The Bull Moose Verses The Lion: What If Black Lives Mattered as m

It is time for the white liberal progressive establishment to embrace the #BlackLivesMatter Movement or the progressive agenda and America will be no more..

My favorite President and arguably the founder of the Progressive Party Theodore Roosevelt did a lot of great things that helped create the lifestyle in America we take for granted. He spoke of economic equality worker rights, a living wage, universal healthcare, old age and poverty insurance, etc. Roosevelt’s “Square Deal” Programs brought to a newly industrialized nation, things like food and worker safety, health standards, sanitation, curtailing the rise corporate oligarchy by proposing and ultimately getting congress to pass anti-trust legislation and banking reforms.

Teddy Roosevelt was a Republican at a time when Republicans understood the tension between the ownership class and the labor class, and regulations on business are essential to keeping the “playing field” level for the average working citizen and protect the public sphere. When his party moved “to the right” and began to favor the wealthy over the average person Teddy left his party. He started the “Bull Moose Progressive Party” and ran for a third term as President after he left office. Teddy ultimately lost his bid for The White House but he changed the political landscape for the next 100 years or more. Progressive members of the GOP left and found a home amongst the Democratic Party.

President Roosvelt ridiong a Bull Moose the name sake for his political party..

Roosevelt was also a celebrated "Big Game Hunter", America and the world marveled at the former President's safaris. The Museum of National History here in New York still has the spoils of T.R.'s “great hunts” as part of the Theodore Roosevelt exhibition. Yes Teddy was “a man’s man” and was for the common man despite being a member himself of the upper class of society. For of all of Teddy Roosevelt’s greatness he was a racist, but at that time in the early 1900s most Americans were racists. Today it seems that America is no longer accepting of hunting for sport. It is okay to hunt if we plan to eat our catch apparently, and the death of animals at the hands of factory farming is also okay. When animals are born and then grown only for consumption never having much of a life it is just fine for us but big game hunting is considered something we have "evolved" from not something civilized people do. The entire thing to me is hypocritical and I am a proud lover over red meat and chicken, however if I had to actually kill and skin for my dinner I know I would probably switch to fruits and berries very quick.

Why doesn't Sandy matter as much as Cecil??

The outrage from all spectrums is absolutely an exercise in hypocrisy not just because most of Americans eat meat but because in the wake of the weekly, almost daily news stories of police brutality and deaths of unarmed citizens you would think the same people calling for the humane treatment of animals would also call for the humane treatment of well “humans”

The outraged being shown now by media figures though justified pales in comparison to the constant stories of police state sanctioned murder of unarmed black people. Jimmy Kimmel on his show nearly came to tears over the death of Cecil the lion. Cecil was a protected lion; he was shot with an arrow, hunted for 40 hours then shot dead with a rifle. The dentist from Michigan spent 50,000 for privilege to kill this animal. After the Cecil was shot he was skinned and his carcass left to rot. Such a sad act indeed; but Jimmy, why no tears for Sandra Bland or Samuel Debose? The Republican lead senate is preparing to vote on a bill to defund Planned Parenthood because of “hit job” fraudulent video that depicts Planned Parenthood as selling fetal tissue to medical research facilities after performing abortions. We all know how conservatives feel about life as long as they are in the womb even if they aren’t technically human persons yet they are precious. But let that precious embryo grow to be a black or brown person then they are no longer worthy of the same “preciousness” If Teddy Roosevelt was alive today he almost certainly not have been the big game hunter, he probably would have been pro-choice as well but would he understand that black lives matter? I doubt that Teddy would be racist but you do not have to be a racist to still be apathetic to the plight of African Americans in this country. You don’t have to be a racist either to enjoy the status quo and not wanting it to change. That is one of the hallmarks of white privilege.

Teddy Roosevelt invited African American Leader Booker T. Washington to dine with him in the White House. The first time a black person ever eat in the White House that wasn’t a servant and the first time a black person eat with the President that wasn’t a mistress (shout out to Thomas Jefferson). President Roosevelt faced such a backlash from his constituents, supporters and allies for allowing a “nigger” into the great house that he distanced himself from Mr. Washington and the civil rights agenda all together. Similarly today white progressives have to walk a tight rope in regards to supporting black people but not alienating the white supremacy establishment.

#BlackLivesMatter shutdown Netroots Convention

The progressive wing of the Democratic Party was recently taking to task by Black Lives Matter Activists at the Netroots event a few weeks ago. Democratic Presidential hopefuls Martin O’Mally and Bernie Sanders were confronted by members of the Black Lives Matter Movement. O’Malley’s response was to say that “All Lives Matter” and tried to have some sort of “kumbaya” moment and Senator Sanders mentioned his 50 year record of civil rights and engagement but then tried to pivot back to economic justice and common man issues. Bernie has a messaging problem that he is beginning to correct while O’Mally the former mayor of Baltimore appears tone death to the plight of blacks in this country. Meanwhile Hilary Clinton the frontrunner has made some good speeches and said some nice things in regards to issue of Police mistreatment of black people however she has not called for any structural reform.

Young black people will no longer be patient and wait for “liberals” white or black to come around to our issues. We elected Barack Obama with the “Hope” that he would address these issues and it appears finally he is making some overtures but he has been relatively absent on the issue of police reform so have both of his African American Attorney Generals.

So now progressives have a problem, Bernie Sanders the “Lion of the Progressive” wing needs to young people and black people if he is going to beat Hillary Clinton and will need them still when the time comes for the general. And if Clinton “The Feminist Lioness” wins the nomination she will need to black people even more in the general if she is going to “break that glass ceiling”. Both Sanders and Clinton are saying the right things in regards to the economy and the working class and are continuing the legacy left by Theodore Roosevelt then later Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt, however they also have the legacy of white supremacy that they must tackle.

On civil rights and racial justice, Teddy begrudgingly tried then stopped, FDR did more but had to be pushed by his wife Eleanor who was a great friend and ally to the civil rights movement but fell short as well. Today we can no longer wait. Our parents and grandparents marched, now we are marching, rallying and yes “rioting”. America is at a crossroads either we are going to live up to our promise of being the land of the free and of opportunity or we are going to be a racist fascist authoritarian state. We need the standard barriers of “Progressiveness” to take a stand. The “Progressive Lions” must roar like lions and prove that #BlackLivesMatter or simply “Cut the Bull”.

- J-Didda

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