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Morgan Freeman, Jack Black and other urge Congress to support the United Nation Iran Deal

Morgan Freeman, Jack Black, Queen Noor of Jordan and other celebrities took to You Tube to urge Congress to back the U.N. nuclear deal with Iran.

"Without a deal, ultimately we could be forced into a war with Iran — another dangerous, drawn-out and expensive conflict in the Middle East with many lives lost,” Morgan Freeman says in the Global Zero produced video Global Zero is an organization who's goal is to eliminate all nuclear weapons.

“The agreement currently on the table is the best way to ensure Iran doesn’t build up a FUCKING! bomb,” the oscar award winning actor later adds.

The video also includes former spy Valerie Plame and retired U.S. Ambassador Thomas Pickering. Valerie Plame was the former CIA agent outed by former Vice Presidential aide to Dick Cheney, Scooter LIbby. Libby served jail time but had his sentence later commuted by President George W. Bush. .

The video appeals to Americans to contact their member of Congress and encourage them to support the multinational deal when it comes up for a vote in September, after a 60-day window for lawmakers to review it.

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