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The Bishop Is Crossing aka "The Silent Majority: Where are the "Good Cops"?"

If not all cops are bad why are they not calling for a house cleaning of their departments?

When President Richard Nixon coined the phrase the "silent majority" he was at the time referring to what he believed was the true political "center" of this nation, which was of course "conservative" At the time he believed that "America" was tired of of all the protesting, "riots" and political bickering about racial discrimination or the war in Vietnam. Nixon felt the majority of America's citizens were "silent", they simply wanted to be able to to work and raise their families and live out the American dream. Nixon's critique of America was not only wrong, but he was being extremely disingenuous. Nixon used this perceived mandate to focus on "law and order" and this is when in many minds the law enforcement industry shifted from being a part of the community to being some sort of "sentinel" or "centurion over-lord" who oversees the community. For the African American communities especially in the south this was always the case.. Nixon aka "Mr. I am not a crook" was "the law and order" President and for all his faults his term "the silent majority" was a great catch phrase, and is still used by conservatives to this day. Maybe not always in those words but when politicians and pundits say things "most people just want to work and take care of their families etc. that is the meme they are referring to Nixon's silent majority. What these folk are really saying is that the majority of Americans live in apathy, and we should let them live in peaceful obliviousness. Today we have a new silent majority the so called "Good Cop". I have my entire life said and believe that there are no good cops; there is no such thing in my opinion. My position is "politically incorrect" I know, I have been called short-sided, ignorant, prejudice etc. Some people would say that grouping all officers together is the same as when racist say all black people are criminals. (The fallacy of that analogy shows the depths of people’s apathy)

History of Police Corruption & The Nature of Institutions

Historically the Police Departments all across this country has had a systemic problem with corruption, over reach, racism and superiority. We all know about the "Good 'ol boy" mentality that permeates the culture. There isn't a person in America who has not noticed that many police officers have an arrogance that resembles that of the high school bully. But apparently, not all or not most. The issue at hand is the "blue code", the police unions, police department leadership and even most politicians reflex position is to defend a rouge officer above all else. When it comes to issues of police brutality against the citizens with who they are mandated to "serve and protect" they jump to defend that officer. Just look at the reactions of the police union in New York City to the death of Eric Garner. No statement of remorse, no calls for reform just defense of the officer. Even now in the wake of a nearly a 6 Million dollar settlement no calls from the police apologists for reform even if only from a "fiscal conservative" perspective. This has happened time and time again, Sean Bell, Amadou Diallo, Rharmely Graham, Michael Brown, Freddie Gray and of course Sandra Bland, list is endless and it happens all a across the United States. It is obvious that this isn't a local issue it’s the culture. Scientist, psychologists and political theorists have studied the phenomenon of "Group Think Theory" or "Institutional Group Think Theory", which is a phenomenon that occurs with a group of people or an institution in which the desire for a harmonious well-functioning group actually leads to irrational, dysfunctional and yes corrupt policies and procedures.

There is also something to be said about humans when given power or authority over their fellow humans whether explicitly or implicit that our personalities begin to change. This is all well documented in the famous The Stanford Prison experiment conducted in 1971 by Dr. Philip Zimbardo. Zimbardo's study looked at the impact of people becoming prisoner or a guard and the results were startling. The "guards" began to become hostile, abusive and violent to the prisoners. Obviously the conclusion is the “system” sets the condition for brutality. If we know that humans have these tendencies then the question remains why do we not have significant safe guards, checks and balances or external oversight? Benjamin Franklyn said "A fish rots from the top down".. If the head of an institution is corrupt then the institution itself is corrupt and any member of that institutional no matter how well intentioned in the beginning becomes corrupt as well. Out of fear of reprisal, peer pressure, wanting to fit in or simply do to the fact that once given authority our personalities do change. Police Departments impact on the Black Community. The historical context of police abuses and atrocities against black people date back to The Reconstruction era (I will not get into the details and examples I recommend people read up on the subject. Michelle Alexander's book "The New Jim Crow"; is one of the best on the subject.) This culture of corruption according to many is aberrations, a few bad apples in the bunch if you will. But the question has always been if that's so then why the constant feverish defense and cover ups of these rouge elements? Why do we constantly get these excuses made by police-apologists? (You know the ones who are friends or family members of police officers) Why is it that last year when Eric Garner's death came to the media's attention the PBA immediately began to mobilize a public relations campaign? I am in the PR business I know spin when I see it. I am also privy to things being an active political donor to all sides I get all sorts of newsletters from all political spectrums. But imagine my surprise when I received a fundraiser luncheon invite last year with the topic of how the police can best "get our story out to the media". I said to myself; “damn these small number of bad apples are extremely organized”. Later on in the wake of Baltimore and Freddie Gray's death, Mike Brown and now Sandra Bland's death and possible cover up, I asked myself where are the so called good cops? I know cops, many of them, and honestly it is evenly divided the number of officers I know personally that at face value are genuinely thoughtful and good natured and the others are arrogant and mentally dense. But I am wondering why aren't the good natured officers organizing and calling for reform to expel these small number of bad apples out of their department? A union is a democracy why is it that they keep voting in these defenders of the status-quo when obviously it is time for drastic reform of the law enforcement institution and the justice system as a whole? The answer must be apathy and or indifference. A lot of it has to do I'm sure with fear of losing ones livelihood or potentially their lives. But this “Blue shield or “Blue code”, this “brotherhood” crap has to end. The so called “good cop” majority has to stop remaining silent on the issue of corruption or accept the title of "bad cop" and where it like a badge of shame. If these “upstanding officers” do not see a way to internally reform the police departments then don't join it! After Germany lost the second world war, Nazi SS members who were responsible for genocide were put on trial at the world court and executed or thrown in prison. They still to this very day wheel some old Nazi into the courtroom. This past month 90 year old Oskar Groening was sentenced to four years for his crimes. From the highest commander to the lowest logistics clerk or records keeper; the defense "I was just following orders" is no defense. Neither is the defense "Well, being a cop is just a job" When people compare public service to private employment, I have to ask them did you not take an oath to "faithfully execute the Constitution" when you started work at your firm? We as a society must hold public servants to a higher standard. They do not get the same pass as an average citizen gets (rightfully or wrongfully) and public servants should not be afforded special privileges because of their so-called standing, especially when a crime is committed. This new "silent majority" has to stand up. They must organize take positions of leadership in the police unions. Report superiors, who engage in or condone the culture of abusive of power, racism, brutality and corruption. The “good cops” must ask for help, stop opposing civil oversight and external accountability measures. Absolute power corrupts absolutely and people with power hate to give up that power I know. So we must wrestle that power away from these corrupt and murderous institutions.

The silent majority of so called "good cops" must prove to the communities they serve and to the Nation that they are as much offended and appalled by what goes on all to often, and they must say it publically as the claim they do in private. Until that happens, until we see a shift in police unions responses to these acts of police criminality we are only left with the conclusion that there are in fact #NoGoodCops: - J-Didda

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