Jayson “J-Didda” Butler is the definition of “Jack of all trades”. Fundamentally a renaissance man; educated in philosophy, public policy, economics and legal studies but chose a career in marketing and media relations. Once a songwriter and producer he shifted to the role of an independent journalist which gave him a different perspective of the inner workings of how brands are shaped and presented to the world for public consumption.


“Being on both sides of the table I know how it feels to create and also understand the tension between the warmth of expression versus the cold hard reality of The Public’s perception. I have been able to convey that to clients over the years which builds a bond of trust” – Jayson “J-Didda” Butler


His legal background is an asset that enables him to see potential legal pitfalls for clients and a rolodex of talented and well connected attorneys that can be brought in for legal counsel.

Is the brain child of J-Didda aka The Bishop Of Harlem President of Didda D.I.D.-IT Media. Here at TheBishopIsCrossing,com we work all the angles just like the Chess piece that is our name sake.

Didda D.I.D.-IT Media is a marketing consulting firm specializing in multimedia content production, information and entertainment services.